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Turkish product channels

To provide the hassle of travel and research, and to be always informed of the latest offers available in the Turkish market. The section provides channels with the participation of many Turkish factories and companies to display their products at wholesale prices

Order selection and quantity - special price offer - Checking - Buying - Shipping

To follow the channels you must download the application telegram Available application on mobile and computer via the following link:

List of channels:

Turkish Women Style:       

Women's Clothing:            

Men's clothing:                   

Kids Clothing Channel:     

Channel shoes and bags:

Channel home linens :     

Pajama and lingerie:        

Women's Dresses Channel:

Other products:                  

Important information about the offers:

Are all offers available?

Most of the offers are available in large numbers

But some Products may not be available immediately or the Offers may run out after one or two week

What is Siri?

Siri or Sire: is a set of pieces of a certain width usually Matcon different sizes and the same color or shape and most Siri be between 4 to 8 pieces.

How can I read the Prices?

Usually, prices are recorded in US dollars with the symbol $

In case you are quoted in Turkish currency in TL code, you can see the direct exchange rates on the main page as well as a slight margin difference that varies until the purchase

Are the prices shown below the offer it's final?

Prices displayed from the source directly.

and the Prices showed are for 6 Siri of the same model The price may increase 0.5$ or 1$ if you order less

The price may decrease if you order a big number of sire For the same model.

Some of the offers are actual and some are not. because of the plant's presence in distant provinces

In this case, the prices increase by about $ 0.5 to $ 1 for internal shipping costs.

and some Prices for internal sale, ie without providing an export invoice

In this case, the prices increase about $ 0.5 to $ 1 to issue an export invoice

What are the sizes shown?

((S M L XL)) are universal sizes known to all and indicates the number of pieces in a single series or any 4 pieces

((SS MM LL)) are 6 pieces and the size of the tires

((XS S MM LL XL XXL)) are 8 pieces and 6 sizes

((48 - 40)) These are European sizes whose number is permissible

((48-46-44-42-40)) the number of Sire 5 pieces

The letter ((S)) for the word: Standart, which is only one size

FREE SIZE, Also one size and be wide

What are the symbols under offers?

((MIN)) The symbol indicates the minimum that can be ordered as an example of (MIN 100)

the minimum order of this supply is a hundred pieces.

((cm)) the symbol denotes Centimeters as an example

140 cm Any piece length displayed is one hundred and forty centimeters

reference code: Varies from one view to another depending on the source listed in the view

Shipping Information:

How much kilo is the minimum to start shipping?

The Minimum freight is 30 kg

The recommended weight for shipping is about 70 kg and more

what is the packaging used to ship clothes?

In the competent shipping companies:

1 - Shawal is a big strong bag can accommodate about /70 or more /pieces

2 -Commonly used Carton has //90 lengths 50 widths 60 height, about /50 or more/pieces

The method of calculating the shipping price is in the number of cartons and not the weight

Packaging used to ship clothes approved by international shipping:

Carton and commonly have 50 lengths 50 widths 80 height

The method of calculating the price for shipping is in kilos

Note: Shipping rates vary according to the customs laws of the importing country and geographical distance.
It also varies according to the way of shipping, whether land, sea or air and the date of receipt and place of receipt, whether in the airport or sea in the country of the buyer or warehouse, as most shipping companies can not determine the normal price of shipping because the laws and customs fees and reservations in shipping companies change constantly

We can offer some of the approximate prices we are seeing recently to our valued customers in some countries as follows: NOTE: You should review the laws in your country

how Shipping price is determined?

With regard to clothing

First: volumetric weight

weight is the basis in pricing and is calculated per kilo = ?? $

Second: by cardboard / Shawal: Anyone carton / Shawal one = ?? $

So whether it is full or not, regardless of weight

Via specialized shipping companies for the countries listed below:

Algeria:                 1 Carton / Shawal = 115 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Iraq:                       1 Carton / Shawal = 65  $ Delivery to buyer's door

Palestine:             1 Carton / Shawal = 105 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Libya:                    1 Carton / Shawal = 140 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Lebanon:              1 Carton / Shawal = 110 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Syria:                     1 Carton / Shawal = 275 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Yemen:                 1 Carton / Shawal = 210 $ Delivery to buyer's door

Morocco:              1 Carton / Shawal = 670$ Delivery to buyer's door

Tunisia:                 1 Carton / Shawal = 595 $ Delivery to buyer's door


Via global shipping companies listed below:

The price per kilo is between:

The Gulf States//:                                                5 $ to 6.5$

France//Germany//Netherlands//Spain//:         4.5$ to 5,5$

Norway//Denmark//Sweden//:                           7.5$ to 8,5$

America//Canada//:                                            6.5$ to 7,5$

Ordering method:

for one time Send your full name, phone numbers, email and detailed address, To the sales number or company email.

and confirm of Terms of Service

Identify the name of the shipping company ((Is it by us or by you))

Choose your order:

After selecting the desired product, the screen is photographed including the picture, code, and price

Then collect the required images and send them through the email or by what'sup app on sales number of the company and recorded under each request number and color


and at the end of the study record a summary of the order. Example:

Order 1: No. 6 Siri * ($ 23 * 4 pieces) = $ 552

Order 2: No. 8 Siri * (18 $ * 6 pcs)      = $ 864

Order 3: No. 12 Siri * ($ 8.5 * 8 pcs)   = $ 816

Total: No. 26 Siri / Amount                = $ 2232

We will receive your order and book the required quantity

and send you a proforma invoice for purchase the next day.


Transfer invoice amount by:

1 -Bank transfer

2 -money transfer offices

3 -shipping companies

4- Western Union

We will send you to confirm receipt of payment, and check the goods carefully
Then transport it to our company's warehouses if you want to continue shopping or to the shipping company. and track the shipment number until you receive it

Note: The buyer must maintain the quotation offered by the company
In addition to the money transfer notification until the goods are received
Receipt confirmation must be sent separately for each transaction

Terms of Service:

The company provides commercial service on Turkish territory to facilitate the trade exchange between exporter and buyer and is subject to the laws of the country operating in it.

The Company seeks to facilitate remote procurement processes in accordance with the laws in force in the exporting country and to safeguard the rights of the parties involved in the procurement process and ensure continuity.

Products on display
Products displayed on the company's channels or offerings are from the source and are mostly available for sale during the promotion period.

The Company is not obliged to purchase or provide the products necessary for its customers in the event of failure of the exporter, or out of stock, or delayed the date of manufacture or delivery by the exporter, delayed payment of the buyer. There are differences in the offer or any reason the company may deem appropriate to guarantee the rights of the buyer.

The company's responsibility is to verify, confirm and ensure the setup as required.
The Company's responsibility to confirm receipt of goods by the shipping company chosen by its customers or after confirmation of receipt of goods by its customers shall be terminated if shipped by the company in accordance with the previous agreement.

Prices shown:
The purpose of publishing prices is to facilitate your purchase only, and most of the prices quoted are often the same as the prices offered.

Prices are determined by the issuer and are set at the date of publication for a maximum of one week.
Some of the prices shown include internal shipping charges and/or costs for export invoice regulation and/or certificate of origin.

Prices shown are subject to change due to many factors including:
Change in exchange rates, price variance according to quantity demanded, total quantity produced available for sale directly or under manufacturing, minimum order, source pricing policy.

In all cases, the prices offered are not binding on the issuer and are not binding on the company.
The exact prices are determined after examination and matched to the offer and the buyer's approval and the purchase process is completely complete and the purchase price is often identical to the prices offered.

Company offer:
After confirming the order and booking, the responsibility of the company lies in the official offer of the company and seeks to book the goods within a maximum of two working days within the specifications and preparation required by the customer specifically
The offer is of limited duration and will not take responsibility after the date specified in it.

Shipping Cost Prices:
Shipping cost bidding is to facilitate the researcher to calculate the cost of purchases and facilitate the work of the economic feasibility study of the transaction.

The company offers shipping rates from specialized shipping companies in importing countries, to help customers find the best service and the best prices.
Shipping rates are approximate and not accurate, they are constantly changing and are not required by the company at all.

Shipping is not the core business of the company but it complements the facilities for remote procurement.
The company is responsible for shipping rates provided in its special offers to customers only after prior agreement.

Other amounts and expenses:
The Company receives the funds by sending the funds stipulated in the Terms of Service and sending them to its customers, whether through electronic applications associated with its authorized number or the company's official e-mail.
For the purpose of purchasing on behalf of the Buyer and/or paying the shipping costs and/or commission of the Company and/or payment of dues by official documents and/or by an official offer of the Company.

The Company operates through commercial and is therefore not obligated to pay for the purchase of products for its customers from its own funds unless agreed in advance.
The Company shall not be liable for any delay in the receipt of funds transferred as a result of default or delay in the means of cash transfer.

The Company undertakes to send a confirmation of receipt to the buyer on the same day of receipt
The Company maintains an unspecified cash balance for its customers, as the Client wishes, and is used for purchases as a revolving balance or to offset spreads. The customer has the right to request a refund when and wherever he wants. In the currency to be determined by the customer with exchange rate differences.



The purpose of this list is to clarify and avoid any errors that occur during the contracting process, ensure the rights and duties of all parties, ensure the mechanism of action as required, ensure its continuity and meet the aspirations of our customer values.

Please print the terms of service, write the name, sign it and send us a copy

All rights reserved by ANALYS DIŞ YÖ VE TIC LMT ŞET.2019

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