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Turkish Online Stores

Commercial services:

List of Turkish stores to buy online :


Trendyol :

A distinctive store of fashion stores and accessories of cosmetics in addition to the offer of home decoration and furnishings


Hepsiburada site is a great site to buy from the Internet, one of the largest sites in Turkey, the site has many products and many international brands, the site provides free shipping service for products that more than 50 TL.



Is one of the most popular sites for buying from the internet in Turkey, and this site offers many and many products, where the site has electronic tools, games, clothes, accessories ... etc. You can cancel or return the order.


One of the most famous Turkish brands of clothing


One of the most famous Turkish brands of clothing
With good quality and low prices

us polo:

World-famous brand in the world
In the Turkish side


The competitor of the N11 website where he owns many products at a cheap price and this site is one of the site eBay companies famous for buying from the Internet.



It is in the early sites that you can be a favorite to shop for clothes with various campaigns that you make regularly.


Reliable and distinctive sites and sells in addition to utensils and other household items such as beds, blankets, sets, and many household items


One of the most famous Turkish sites selling kitchen utensils as well as household items at very competitive prices compared to other sites

Methods of purchase:

You can shop directly from Turkish stores and send products to the company address
We collect and packaging your purchases
Then shipped to your country / to your door

There are two ways:

First way: Pay online with your credit card

put this information to your registration:






((Adı )) First name:

((Soyadı)) second name: 

((adres)) address: 

((il/şehir)) city 

((posta kodu))  Postal code:

((ilçe)) district 


((cep telefone)) mobile telefone:

Mehmet Nesih Ozmen mah. Uzun Sok Mavi Carsi No.14/37


((Şerket Adı)) Name of Company:

Analys danşmanlık yönetim ve Ticaret Limited şerketi

((vergi Dairesi))((VD)) Tax Administration:


((vergi numara))((VKN)) tax number


Second way: Select purchases, Transferring the price for the company
The company will buy it for you, and then assemble the packaging of the goods and send to you

You must first request the service from the company before making your purchase
Agree to the Terms of Service
Send the link of the page you want to buy from it, detailing the color, size, the number required and the final price to be paid for each purchase

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