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Turkish Exhibitions

Wholesale goods

You are a trader, investor, owner/manager/ marketer of an industrial facility
Visiting and participating in international exhibitions is your goal to keep abreast of changes in the market, technological and technical development and modern innovations in your field and thus follow the market trends for continuity and success.
It also provides you with a real opportunity to increase business and investment relationships in your field, increase sales growth and develop your production

in our Analyss company, we study, research and analyze markets to create meaningful investment opportunities that benefit everyone

Through our work, we have the honor to present offers to facilitate the attendance of international exhibitions in Istanbul and Bursa
You can follow our Facebook page to follow exhibitions and our offers At the following link

Our offers at:

Hotel reservation 4 stars 3 nights / Special requests for accommodation
Transfer from the airport to the hotel and vice versa and to the exhibition for two days
Free access to the exhibition and translation service
Roaming internet service for 3 days

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