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Term deposit accounts

The best services provide to our valued customers

100% guaranteed safe investment
100% guarant
eed good profits

Why should we invest?

To avoid the decline in the real value of savings from the continuous rise in inflation rates
The inflation rate in America in 2021 recorded an increase of 5.9%.
That is, the real value of $10,000 at the beginning of 2021 lost $590 at the end.
Avoid depreciation of the actual value of savings against their counterpart currencies or metals
And to increase its value and development and to obtain periodic income from it

To increase public and private benefits in society

Therefore, funds should be used in the production/service/commercial/financial/industrial division

Or buying assets with the aim of investing in order to benefit from increasing their value in the future and obtaining periodic income from them

Why it's guaranteed?

Being a licensed financial institution based in Turkey, our ranking in local banks has priority in receiving exclusive offers in the form of term deposit accounts.
We offer it to our valued customers periodically to benefit from it and get a monthly return from it
All applications for opening deposit accounts that we receive are directly linked to local banks and benefit from offers
Since bank deposits are guaranteed to be refunded, we reflect this guarantee to our valued clients

The risk begins when announcing the bankruptcy of a local or government bank or the collapse of the value of the US dollar globally. It is far from occurring in simple periods that do not exceed 3 months, which is the period we agree on. We regularly monitor local and international economic news within our asset management business.

One of the most important reasons that drive banks to offer investment offers in term deposits is the recent production, construction and commercial boom in Turkey, and the demand for liquidity and project financing is still increasing.

What is the source of the returns on the deposit?

The Bank is the main engine of the country's economy
It is taken for granted to us as people that the bank is a safe place to save and manage money
As for merchants, industrialists and all operating sectors, the bank will have the best available options for financing and developing deals and projects
Therefore, banks are working to attract capital through investment offers in the form of term deposits to finance economic projects in return for high guarantees and a share of the profit, then the profits are distributed according to the system approved for them.

One of the most critical factors affecting the determination of the periodic return is the demand for cash and financing

The greater the demand for liquidity to finance businesses and projects the higher the deposit attraction rate

Why are returns determined upfront when making a deposit?

Banks determine the monthly profit return in advance to speed up the calculation process for the investor or operator and to prove the economic feasibility of taking the appropriate decision that contributes to speeding up the bank's procedures in attracting funds or financing.

And maintaining a unified periodic work system for all banking transactions

And adherence to the general and private laws of the country imposed by the official authorities, the most important of which is the Central Bank, which is responsible for maintaining the economic balance of the country as a whole. In Saudi Arabia, 4.75%  In Japan -0.18%.for the year 2023

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