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Marketing your products in Turkey

You are a trader, investor, owner/manager/ marketer of an industrial facility

Are you looking for new markets?

With us, you can save time, money and effort

We can market your products locally in Turkey
and provide you with all licenses for direct sale through our company

We have extensive experience in the Turkish market and we track the supply and demand in the market.

The most important elements of local marketing are Turkish online stores for sale online

We can display your products in our stores. ours achieve good sales in our stores every year.


We do not recommend high-risk and long-term contracts to try the product on the local market. we will represent you in the step-by-step process of receiving goods, warehousing, and marketing, Until the experience the product in the market and the extent of demand for it and competition, You will not be charged staff expenses, commercial records, legal procedures, time, follow-up, and effort.

The Turkish market is a very big market and it is a country that manufactures many high-quality products at competitive prices, but it is also consumed Which results in large demands from commodities that are not locally manufactured or that do not cover market demands.

Our unique method reduces the risk ratio very much as it does not exceed freight charges, customs clearance, and storage costs.

We just need you to provide us with all the important information about your product

We will study your product and compare it with the counterpart in markets, prices, and quality, and we will provide you with the details.

All our services in this field are in exchange for a percentage of profits, according to the previous agreement.

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