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Escrow account

Carry out your commercial transactions and purchase and sale deals with a third-party guarantee


It is known that most commercial transactions and the basis for transferring ownership of assets and buying and selling services are mainly related to contracts

previously agreed upon by two or more parties. Many opportunities we may overlook and turn away from because of caution and caution

Especially in foreign countries, or maybe mutual mistrust to avoid negative repercussions

Which may lead to disagreements and conflicts that may harm one or both parties

And based on our keenness to meet most of the needs and requests of our valued customers in our capacity as agents

As the third-party guarantor, we are neutral between the opener and the beneficiary

We review the agreed terms of the concluded contract and ensure the possibility of implementation and fulfillment of obligations

We block the entire amount of the balance available to the opener on the institution's system

Then we issue a letter of guarantee in favor of the beneficiary as the third-party guarantor in the name of the institution

Through the letter, we guarantee the beneficiary his right to collect the amount upon completion of the implementation within the specified period

Accordingly, the beneficiary is completely certain of the seriousness of the buyer and the collection of the price quickly and safely, immediately after execution

To proceed with the implementation of the terms of the agreement with complete comfort


As for the opener of the guarantee, he avoids any operations that may occur as a result of manipulation or fraud

He ensured the completion of the transaction according to the terms agreed upon in the contract

In order to obtain the desired results and benefit from the deal instead of turning away from it and wasting the opportunity


This service is paid for a pre-agreed amount when requesting the service
Deducted from the escrow account

It is also possible in the event that the contracting parties wish to legally document the contract
Through contracting with the best law firms specialized in contracts within the Republic of Turkey

It is possible to review the terms of the agreement and specify the obligations more accurately or add the necessary clauses.

Law firm fees are determined according to the contract and are 20% lower than prevailing market rates.

And through our contract with the best Turkish banks specialized in the commercial fields
(Letter of bank guarantee - certified check - documentary credit)

The commission is determined according to the amount, the contract, and the data of the beneficiary of the letter by the bank before the execution

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