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Consulting Services and offers

We have sufficient information to manage and prepare an excellent feasibility study through which the decision to enter the market can be made.

Modern Multi-Storey Buildings
Real Estate Offer

We offer you a distinguished group of real estate in the city of Istanbul for those interested in ownership and successful investment. You can always review our offers through our Facebook page and send special requests through direct communication with us.

Restaurant Interior
Investment project proposals

We show you distinguished existing projects that can be acquired and used directly
With the aim of investing your money and getting a good return compared to the capital

Data on a Touch Pad
Feasibility Studies

The first: the idea of the project: it includes the most important basic information about the project .. through which a decision can be taken to start implementation .. it consists of 8 to 15 pages at a low cost according to the capital
Second: Economic feasibility studies: After making the implementation decision, the project is studied in full detail, including all sections in a coherent manner, and the implementation and work plan.

Office Work
Asset Management

For existing projects .. Monitoring the performance of the administration .. Financial control .. Operating assets in the best way, such as renting apartments and achieving the highest possible revenues

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