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We're a Turkish company specializing in market studies

We look for and analyze information and resources to create meaningful and effective investment opportunities
We offer foreign investors to benefit from it

always strive to provide export services

of the highest quality standards

We have agreements with the most important Turkish suppliers in various fields and they are elite in the Turkish market

Our Services

Provide offers for various products available on the market periodically - commercial mediation services - logistics services

Come Turkey to research together

We will serve you in your country


All the services you need here with our pro team

Send your order and we will take care of the rest

Let's research together

                  Look at the stages of work:

Submit your request

First, send us your request for the desired product from Turkey
Includes details, important information, and photos
Specify our target of import and quantities required
Give us the time needed to find the best deals

Receiving customer order

We transfer the order to the best-trusted suppliers
Inform the customer of the results and the best prices with the required quality

Make appointments v schedule visits

Accommodation and transportation and reception of the client
A field tour of factories and companies within a structured schedule
Translation and conclusion of contracts and agreements under our supervision and legal forms

Follow-up with the company

Follow up the processing of the order and audit and control cash payments

Shipping and customs clearance

Follow up the packing and processing procedures for shipping and choose the best logistics and lowest costs and track the shipment until delivered to the customer

You don't need to come, we will act for you

we will serve you at a tow ways

Shaking Hands

Give us the agency to buy for you

When you agree to the offer
We will do whatever is necessary for you to complete the transaction
Receive and deliver payments, confirm and inspect products and conform to the contract
Professional storage and packaging and shipping until it arrives to you with the company's guarantee

Use the internet to buy online

Search for your product online

Buy your products online from Turkish online stores
Or let us buy it for you. Use our address in Turkey to receive your orders
We will check and make sure the product is safe and matched with your order
You can ask us to send it to you when you finish shopping or when you want

We will take good care of packaging to reduce shipping costs


About Us


The Turkish company licensed and registered in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce under the number İstanbul - 148071 - 5 Leader in the field of market studies and import and export operations is based on the group company Baraka base, which was established in 2003. We have great experience in the Turkish market exceeding fifteen years.
We develop business by collecting and analyzing data and looking for viable investment opportunities. We do not work in traditional ways. This is what distinguishes us. We have a large customer base that grows every year as a result of trust and excellent service.
Our successful partners are the best Turkish companies ever
Our unique approach is not only what sets us apart, but also what makes us successful. We offer a wide range of services and solutions for possible deals that benefit all parties.

Giving a Presentation
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